Le réseau Passeport Escales

Il y a 30 ans, le Morbihan et la Compagnie des Ports du Morbihan ont inventé ce concept unique dans l’univers de la plaisance qui encourage la mobilité des bateaux dans les ports, favorise le partage de l’espace public et le développement des escales génératrices d’activité pour l’économie locale.
Le principe est simple. Les plaisanciers déclarent leur avis de croisière et bénéficient de nuitées d’escale offertes en récompense de leurs déclarations d’absence. Les ports optimisent ainsi la gestion de leur plan d’eau et accueillent plus de bateaux de passage.

Initié par la Compagnie du Morbihan, se développe à l’international, sur la façade Manche Atlantique, en Angleterre, en Espagne et en Italie...
En 2016, il compte 120 ports adhérents.


Étel harbour

Historical fish port in an exceptional setting

460 berths, of which 442 at the pontoons and quay and 18 moorings

827 visitor nights


Craning zone  - Slipway -Anchoring zone


Shower blocks/toilets/sinks – laundry facilities (self-service) – trolleys for equipment (self –service) – mixed waste collection – Discount on the local museum (Musée des Thoniers) 


5 permanent staff – 2 seasonal staff

Nautical events

Trade fair around trailer boats

Regattas Lorient Etel

The harbour of Etel is characterised by its famous ‘barre’, a large sandbank at the mouth of the river Etel. This historical fish port has preserved its authentic character, while at the same time offering modern instruction facilities in water sports, especially aimed at children and young adults.

Around this historical fishing village and along the shores of the Ria d’Etel there is ample choice for possible walks and bike rides.

In close cooperation with the town we are maintaining the marina and the landscape around it (seaside, quays, shops). The investments and services should benefit both the yachtsmen as the tourists that come to enjoy the area. One of the project is the restoration of the old life boat hangar.  


Restoration of the hangar « abri du canot » (life boat shelter)

Enlarging the marina and renovating the harbour masters’ quarters


Marina of Arzal-Camoël

Technical marina dedicated to yachting

1479 berths (971 places at the pontoons and at the quays – 188 moorings – 320 dry stack berths)

2310 visitor nights


Different craning facilities (35-ton lift – mobile crane for rigging - cradle) -Slipway – Hull treatment zone - Anchoring zone – Dry stacks


Wifi - Shower blocks/toilets/sinks  - laundry facilities (self-service) – bikes available – waste water and oil pumps – fuel station


14 permanent staff– 2 seasonal staff

The marina in Arzal-Camoël is the sweet water port of the Atlantic coast. It’s here where the river ‘La Vilaine’ meets the dam that separates it from the salty waters of the Gulf of Biskay. Just downstream of the marina are the locks that allow ships to pass the barrage. 


In this marina your boat always has water under its keel, thanks to the barrage. 

The marina of Arzal-Camoël extends to both sides of the river Vilaine, each side in a different town. As a result of its location at the periphery of the touristic areas in the Morbihan, the marina of Arzal-Camoël has specialised itself in technical services. Having ample space for a true technical platform, this port offers a complete range of technical service (storage, maintenance, renovation works, repairs...)

There is also a wide range of shops in and around the port area, so boat owners can find anything they need for the maintenance of their ships. 

The port is developing more and more services (sanding area, under water ship treatment, slipway) and contracts with boat owners that allow for a more flexibility and mobility of the boats, to further stimulate the dynamism of this marina. 

Priority for the local businesses and organisations, private and public sector alike, is to improve your navigation experience on the river Vilaine and to make the passage of the locks as smooth as possible.  


Enlargement of the technical zone on land and development of the offered services

Additions to the technical zone 

Restructuration and extension of the floating pontoons 

Installing a new lift


The port of Locmiquélic

Cosy and comfortable

744 berths all together (591 places at the pontoon and quay and 11 places on moorings – 130 places on moorings in an AOT – 12 dry stack)

2937 visitor nights 


Slipway –Hull treatment zone –Anchorage zone 


Shower blocks/toilets/sinks – laundry facilities (self-service) – bikes available – trolleys for equipment (self –service) – mixed waste collection – free parking for vacationers – craning options (service provided by external professionals) 


6 permanent staff – 5 seasonal staff

Nautical events

National Championship Pogo - Duo Cat Amania

At the heart of the harbour mouth of Lorient, only a few stone throws away from the citadel of Port Louis, Locmiquélic is appreciated for its calm and laid back atmosphere. Once moored, the visitor can explore the charms of this small coastal village, be it a foot or using one of the bikes at your disposal. 

The port management is pursuing a dynamic approach, working closely together with other marinas in the Lorient Harbour area. 

The renovation works will do justice to the informal style that this port is known for, it is a friendly and welcoming place where the staff makes it a priority to make guests feel welcome and always listen to the needs of the marinas users and vacationers.  


Extension of the marina

Renovation of the harbour masters office

Requalification of the shelter wharf “Môle de Sainte Catherine”